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Our highly specialized Library is tightly organized and practice-centered.
It is designed specifically for you as a New York Family law practitioner.

Superior Organization

Unique to the MatLaw Library of Annotations – subdivides logical topical headings into more than 2,000 detailed sub-topics, making it simple for you to locate exactly what you are looking for easily and quickly without time-consuming and dead-end string searches.

50,000+ Case Note Annotations

We have integrated nearly 50,000 case note annotations, statutory provisions and relevant court rules (plus, the full text of several thousand of the most important and most recent family law decisions).

Weekly Updates

We post weekly updates that provide new annotations and full-text decisions as they come down from the courts to keep you current in this dynamic practice area.

Flexible Subscription Options

Pulling late night research sessions? Our short-term access passes will help you find the perfect, relevant decision. Simply search your topic, read the summary and drill sown for meaningful informations. Done

You will appreciate the extra time by subscribing to our best valued subscription options available. Don’t want to commit now? Try our Library FREE for 5 days. Limited to one time per year for each subscriber.

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