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CLE Accredited Audio Program

Hands-on programs taught by one of the best presenters in the field. CLE Credits are available for these programs, as long as you purchase the book & audio together. New Attorneys may not receive CLE credit for Audio Programs. Financial Aid Policy: Matlaw maintains a financial aid policy in accordance with the requirements of the CLE Board. Inquiries with respect to the same are welcome.

Courtroom Evidence 2017
Ultimate Update 2017
Ultimate Update 2016
Divorce Economics Institute - NEW 2016
Courtroom Evidence 2014 Audio - on sale while supplies last
How to Handle a Custody Trial - 2011
How to Prepare Your Case: for Trial or Settlement 2013

Journals & Publications

Ultimate Update 2016
Cross Examination: A Primer for the Family Lawyer - NEW
Custody Assessment Analysis System Workbook (CAAS) - NEW
Evaluating Evaluations: An Attorney’s Handbook for Analyzing Child Custody Reports - NEW
Valuation in Matrimonial Cases: Trial Manual 2013
Evidence: Trial Manual - NEW 2015
The Basis of Expert Testimony: Expert Evidence & The Hearsay Rule
Cross-Examination: A Trial Prep Checklist
Direct-Examination: A Trial Prep Checklist
Court of Appeals Review 2010
Equitable Distribution: A Law in Search of Principles - 2009
How to Draft Well-Constructed Custody Appointment Orders - 2011
The Dynamics and Strategies of Negotiating an Agreement
Maintenance Legislation - NEW JULY 2015
The Divorce Reform Legislation – Parsed for Perspicuity (2010)
Family Court Review